Janine takes great pride in her cakes, not j​ust in appearance and taste but in quality and safety. She wears a hair net or hat, and latex-free, food-safe gloves whenever possible from preparation to completion of all cakes and cookies. The highest degree of hygiene is used at all times.  She adheres to the Florida Cottage Food law that prohibits selling anything that needs refrigeration, consequently all of her recipes are shelf-stable (meaning they can sit out for a while and won’t spoil or make you sick.)


Cake & Cookie Art by Janine is a cottage food business located in Julington Creek Plantation in Jacksonville, Florida.  It was created by Janine Alia, a self-trained cake decorator with 10+ years of experience planning and creating custom designed cakes, cookies, and other treats. 

 How Cake and Cookie Art by Janine Got Started
Janine began making cakes for her sons when they were young.  She loved how excited and happy it made them.  She loved how she could bring an idea to life in the form of a cake. 

Over the years, friends started asking her to make cakes for them, which in turn would bring more orders and customers, and eventually she realized she was on to something.

When both of her boys were in school full time, she dedicated herself to the art of making cakes and cookies .  She officially launched her business in 2012 under the name Jsweet Treats.

Janine prides herself on attention to detail.  As she says, "OK, maybe I am a little OCD with my cakes.  I like clean lines and sharp detail.” Her skilled technical level, superior aesthetic talent and rave reviews by clients has enabled her business to grow consistently over the past 6 years.  It is important to her for a cake to look fantastic from the very bottom to the very top- and taste delicious too.  In her words, “I always strive for perfection."

Her favorite part of the decorating process is to brainstorm creative ideas for cakes based on any theme.  “I want to make my clients happy and will work with them to come up with unique ideas that they may never even have thought of.”